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Our mission here at Kangaroo Healthcare is to provide the highest quality of care for vulnerable people who need assistance at home. Our bespoke care plans are designed around you or your loved one’s specific needs.

Our Story

Kangaroo Healthcare is a Domiciliary and Nursing Care Provider which specialises in providing high standard care, recruitment, training and staffing solutions for our client base which includes hospitals and healthcare organisations within both public and private sectors across the UK. The question that is most frequently asked about our company is- why did you choose the name Kangaroo Nursing Agency? We chose this name because of the caring nature of a female Kangaroo. A typical female kangaroo can nurse her Joey for 120-400 days in the pouch and even after leaving the pouch they continue to nurse for about a year and a half. Our name reflects the caring and compassionate nature of the consultants within the company. We are constantly ready to support our candidates as well as ready to aid those who are vulnerable and are in need of help in the healthcare system.

We are an all-around, hands-on agency, within your reach at any time and ready to help you further or launch your career into the healthcare field.

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We are fast and efficient, 30 mins - 24 hours response rate care services, to meet individual needs through a dedicated staff team with the necessary expertise and compassion to fully support the people at such a pivotal and delicate time in their lives.


We provide quality staff & training solutions across Enfield primarily within the Health & Social care sector, covering a range of other commercial industries.


We are a fast growing Healthcare recruitment specialist in registered nurses of all specialities, HCAs & Support workers, Agency staff to residential homes, nursing homes & NHS hospitals.


We acknowledge that the needs of aged care recipients may require a different care approach than that provided through a mainstream home and personal care.

Our Company Values

To provide the highest quality of service to our clients and workers,

and build a long time relationship with them through a network of supportive relationships.

Our dedicated Approach

Highly skilled team members,

placing the right people in the right role at the right time, which enables us to consistently deliver high-quality professional services that our service users trust.